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The jellyfish are coming. Brace yourself for goomageddon | website
The Correspondent | 4 August 2016
Endless streams of jellyfish are taking a bite out of fish stocks, clogging water pipes, and scuppering seaside vacations. What to do? Destroy them, control them, or just leave them be? Get to know these strange, troublesome creatures via three surprising solutions.

March of the jellies | PDF | website
NewScientist | Magazine issue 3082 | 16 July 2016 | pp. 26 – 29
Desperate attempts to deal with jellyfish swarms may be wrong-headed, says Tamar Stelling

[COVER] If you were a crustacean, would you feel any pain? | PDF | website
The Washington Post | Health & Science | 11 March 2014 | front page & p. 6
A scientist and a seafood chef walk into a bar. “We have a mutual interest,” says the scientist. “I study crustaceans and you cook them.” But the chef wanted to know just one thing: Do the animals feel pain?

Alien Pain | PDF | website
| Magazine issue 2957 | 22 February 2014 | pp. 38 – 41
Can a squid suffer? What about a prawn? The more we learn about these strange creatures, the more pressing such questions become, says Tamar Stelling



[Publication] Microspheres (ENG): Yes Naturally
GEM, Gemeentemuseum | March – August 2013 | pp. 199 – 213
Discussion of artworks on display by Koert van Mensvoort, Philip Beesley – ‘I try to make things that are as potent as possible in themselves’ – , Susan Hiller, Tue Greenfort, Egied Simons, Katarina Hruskova, Zeger Reyers, Adam Zaretsky – ‘Are you saving the world by making solar organisms or are you fucking up the ecology of the world by being an interference mechanism human?’ – and Angelo Vermeulen.Cyborg Bee Job van der Molen

See pp. 184 – 185 for a description of the Fora & Fauna project I was involved in,
impersonating a cyborg bee on Facebook and Twitter for two weeks.